List for Amateur radio equipment for Christmas Island.

Already on Island;
Hand Tools
Soldering Iron/Gun
100mhz scope
Antenna Analyzer – Sark100
Dummy Load
RG58 100m

Ordered / In Transit;

Transceiver – Yaesu FTDX 1200 (IF tap and buffer fitted)
Power Supply
External SWR/Power Meter – Daiwa CN-801V
PL-259/SO-239 HF connectors + misc adaptors
Antenna Coupler (manual) – Second hand
G5RV antenna – Ebay
1mm enamelled copper wire

To get/decide on;
Ladder line 300 or 450?
Wire (10/12/14/18ga)
Wire Terminals/termination
Ground Rod(s) and connectors
1:1/4:1/9:1 Balun(s) or parts – making a parts to buy list
Pulleys (antenna)
Rope (antenna)
Masts and Guys (?)
Currently organizing drawn aluminium tubing that can be telescoped – 3m lengths.


So close yet so far!

6 thoughts on “List for Amateur radio equipment for Christmas Island.”

  1. Hi Cliff,
    Congrats to your launching to HAM world. I have re-started my hooby on 2014.12.21 with OCF antenna 27.4m/13.7m inserted Guanella balun 4:1 on 2xFT140-43 toroid core. In Hamshack was FT857D and an atenna tuner + Power supply.
    No more than 100W ever !!!
    In less than 7 month I have got 100 Countries DXCC confirmed on without contesting.
    DX World Award#2248
    Granted: 2015-07-07 18:16:35 (OM2GM)
    Wish you a better sucess.
    Enjoy the new world and millions of new friends !!

  2. I have tried to hear you around 8.3.2017 (Yesterday) between 16-17 UTC but only some speach recognized in the noise on 14264MHz. Overall band opening was poor.
    Will try again Today or later too …
    Hope once we meet … :-)

  3. I’m calling you on JT65 this moment.
    No luck yet.
    If you like we can print 1000 of VK9VKL QSL cards free. You have pay post expenses only. It is $28 after receipt the cards.

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