First antenna

First antenna plans, definately not optimal, but should get me online. Hopefully the post will deliver a G5RV soon which will be my starter antenna to get going.



7 thoughts on “First antenna”

  1. I just happened to run across your site. Congratulations on your license! A wonderful world of adventure and excitement awaits you.

    I have been on the air since 1960 although not continuously. This great hobby gave me a career and enabled me to learn about places and meet people who otherwise would never have crossed my path.

    Best wishes and see you on the air! Mike W2LO

  2. Congratulations on gaining you licence , yes try the G5RV first , I think you will also do well with a multi band vertical , something for the future ?

    You WILL be much sort after when you are QRV

  3. Hello and welcome to ham radio!

    If you work with your G5RV and find it limiting check out the LNR Quad band antenna, I’m using one on a barrier island in the gulf of mexico off of Florida and is working excellent.
    Hope to catch you on HF in the future.
    Scott N3KO

  4. Welcome i worked your island in 1984 om 11 mtr with 4 elem. yagi and 12 watts. Now I got my licence and hope too work you soon with my endfet wire antenne.
    Do you work on 20 meter too??



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