On the Air for 1 month

Well it is past time for an update.
In my first month I cave contacted 52 countries, and have had 26 of those confirmed on Lotw
Just touching 300 QSOs with 66 confirmed as QSLs on LoTW.
I set up mobile for a field day and ended up wet with only 2 contacts for a full days effort.

The temporary G5RV antenna has done quite well considering





6 thoughts on “On the Air for 1 month”

  1. Hi Cliff, thanks for the FB QSO and the quick confirmation on LoTW. Great to see Christmas Island is on the air! Have fun with the radiohobby and looking forward to an other QSO in the near future.

    vy 73, Gert PA2LO

  2. I noticed you did well about 100 to 1300 Z today on 40! I will be listening next couple of days. As with thousands, we really need to work Christmas Island! Glad you are there and look forward to QSO. As an aside, I am very happy with my SAL-30 receiving antenna (from Array Solutions) and note in your pictures you have a wonderful site to put one up!
    Bob W5RF

  3. Hi Cliff
    Good to see my call sign on that QSL card for QSO on 40M. I have work you on 20M also.
    Thanks for confirmation via LOTW.
    I am looking forward to more contacts with you there on Christmas Isl.
    GL and see you soon
    73 de Andy SP9KR (ex VA3PL)

    1. Thanks Andy,

      After 2 months on air I am learning the ropes finally.

      Better skills and better antennas, and improving each month.

      73 VK9VKL

  4. Saw you on the air, have my fingers crossed that I will catch you. Working on the WIA WAA HF Award and need a VK9. 73 WL7CG

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