10-15-20m Vertical

P_20170417_171001 P_20170417_122843




Its time to get something more than the G5RV antenna up.

Stage 1; Collect and order parts.

Available on island
Enough aluminium to do the job.
Cable / connectors etc.

Dacron rope. (ordered 1/04/2017 Express post)

More to Follow.

2 thoughts on “10-15-20m Vertical”

  1. Finally got started on the Vertical. Decided to get the thing up as a mono band antenna, mainly due to the fact that I am waiting on toroids and parts.

    1. Antenna up and I ran out of daylight before tuning.

      First test gave me 99 contacts. I’m impressed.

      Its now tuned.
      Sark100 now says a bandwidth of 3,500 lowest SWR is 1.01 at 14170 32 ohms and 0 reactance.

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